Discovery Center – University of Copenhagen

How was the universe created, which inflation scenario played out in the first split second, what happened during the quark-gluon plasma era? What is the source of the mass spectrum of fundamental particles of matter and forces? These are the questions we ask ourselves at the Discovery Center.

Visitors and newcomers

  • Christian Byrnes

    • 25-05-2018
    • Christian Byrnes from the nNiversity of Sussex is visiting the Discovery Center and the Niels Bohr International Academy June 10-12.

  • Lisa Randall

    • 23-05-2018
    • Lisa Randall from Harvard will visit the Discovery Center and the Niels Bohr International Academy May 27-29.


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  • Cosmology Prize to the Planck Team

    • 14-05-2018
    • The Gruber Foundation is pleased to present the 2018 Cosmology Prize to the Planck Team, and to Jean-Loup Puget and Nazzareno Mandolesi, the leaders of the HFI and LFI instrument consortia. »

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Discovery calendar

  • PhD defense by Christian Bourjau

    • 28-06-2018
    • Title: Factorization of two-particle distributions measured in Pb-Pb collisions at √s = 5.02 TeV with the ALICE detector

  • PhD defense by Milena Bajic

    • 29-06-2018
    • Title: A search for lepton-flavor-violating decays of the Z boson into a $\tau$-lepton and a light lepton with the ATLAS detector in proton-proton collisions at √s=13 TeV at the LHC


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