Bo Feng – University of Copenhagen

08 June 2012

Bo Feng

We are very happy to have the internationally distinguished scientist Bo Feng (Zhejiang University, China) to be visiting the Discovery Center in June-July-August as a Visiting Professor.

Professor Bo Feng is here to work especially with Yang Zhang, Emil Bjerrum-Bohr and Simon Badger and others on various applications of amplitude theory. Such work is crucial for the on-going strive for new cross-section computations needed at the LHC.

Professor Bo Feng is mostly known for his work on the BCFW relation, to which he contributed as the “F”. BCFW is a recursive relation relating scattering amplitudes at the tree level, enabling calculations of higher point amplitudes from lower ones. The relations, which hold for gauge-theories as well as for quantum gravity, are of both practical and theoretical importance, as they enable a faster calculation of higher point amplitudes, as well as reveal some previously hidden structure. The relations have been used to prove other results on the structure of gauge theories, as well as relations between gauge theory and gravity.

In addition to this, Professor Bo Feng has done work on string theory, and other aspects of field theory and quantum gravity.

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