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23 May 2011

Prof. Lance Dixon

Prof. Lance Dixon from Stanford University visited NBIA and the Discovery Center in the period May 23 - May 25, 2011.

Prof. Lance Dixon from Stanford UniversityI'm a member of the SLAC Particle Theory Group. As a graduate student at Princeton University (PhD 1986), and for a few years thereafter, I worked in the area of string theory. Since then my principal research interests have shifted to collider phenomenology, particularly toward improving theoretical predictions for those Standard Model processes which are backgrounds or calibrations en route to the discovery of new physics.

My first visit to SLAC was as a user: in the summer of 1981, as a Caltech undergraduate I worked on the Mark III detector at SPEAR. I came back as a postdoc in 1986, and I've been at SLAC ever since, apart from a year at Princeton as an Assistant Professor. Although my research is theoretical, I have kept abreast of the experimental program at SLAC and elsewhere, in part by serving as a director of the SLAC Summer Institute (1990-2002) and a member of the Experimental Priorities Advisory Committee (1991-94 and 2000-02). I participated in the recent SLAC Scenarios Study surveying potential research directions at the lab over the next decade or two.