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27 May 2011

Kim Splittorff joins the Discovery Center

Associate Professor. Kim Splittorff, who has just received  a prestigious four-year grant from the Sapere Aude Program of The Danish Council for Independent Research, joins the Discovery Center.

Associate Professor Kim Splittorff

The Sapere Aude grant amounts to  a total of 8.5MDKK and has been granted for the project "Strong Phases from First Principles". This is a major theoretical project aimed at understanding the Standard Model of particle physics at the finite densities that can be achieved in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions  at the LHC.

Kim Splittorff comes to the Discovery Center along with three master students and two BSc students. Within the coming year Kim will also hire two post docs and thus build up a strong group of young scientists working on problems related to the new state of matter that can be achieved at the LHC. Kim has a strong record in both research and teaching, having, for example, received the Faculty of Science Teaching Award 2010.