Sebastian von Hausegger Steps towards a clear view of the Cosmic Microwave Background 2019
Fabian Thiele An ATLAS search for sterile neutrinos 2019
Gorm Galster The Central Trigger Processor of the ATLAS Experiment at the LHC and its Monitoring 2019
Lais Ozelin de Lima PImentel Charged-particle multiplicity distributions in p-Pb collisions at  √SNN = 5.02 TeV with ALICE 2018
Amel Durakovic On the Likely Structure and Origin of Primordial Fluctuations 2018
Katarina Gajdosova Investigations on collectivity in small and large collision systems at the LHC with ALICE 2018
Milena Bajic A search for lepton-flavor-violating decays of the Z boson into a $\tau$-lepton and a light lepton with the ATLAS detector in proton-proton collisions at √s=13 TeV at the LHC  2018
Christian Bourjau 2018
Michael James Larson

A Search for Tau Neutrino Appearance with IceCube-DeepCore

Laure Berthier

Ultraviolet extensions of particle physics 

Jeppe Trøst Nielsen

Testing Cosmological Models

Simon Holm Stark

Study of forward elastic pp'>pp pp scattering
at s=8 TeV'>s  √ =8 TeV s=8 TeV
with the ALFA detector

Morten Ankersen Medici

Search for Dark Matter Annihilation in the Galactic Halo using IceCube

Christine Hartmann

A Quest for New Physics - Loop Calculation of the Higgs Decay to Two Photons in the Standard Model Effective Field Theory

Anne Mette Frejsel

Large Scale Anomalies of the Cosmic Microwave Bagkground with Planck

Lars Egholm Pedersen

Probing the nature of the Higgs Boson

Almut Pingel

Tau lepton identification and studies of associated Higgs boson production with the ATLAS detector

Ask Emil Løvschall-Jensen

Search fore new physics in multilepton final-states using multivariate techniques

Valentina Zaccolo

Charged-Particle Multiplicity Distributions overWide Pseudorapidity Range in Proton-Proton and Proton-Lead Collisions with ALICE

Mads Søgaard

Scattering Amplitudes via Algebraic Geometry Methods

Laura Jenniches

Understanding Theoretical Uncertainties in Perturbative QCD Computations

Morten Dam Jørgensen

Exotic Long Lived Particles 

Hjalte Frellesvig

Generalized Unitarity Cuts and Integrand Reduction at Higher Loop Orders

Alexander Hansen

Pseudorapidity Dependence of Anisotropic Azimuthal Flow with the ALICE Detector

Lotte Ansgaard Thomsen

A search for associated production of a SM Higgs decaying into tau leptons with the ATLAS experiment

Rijun Huang

Gauge and Gravity Amplitudes from trees to loops

Sune Jakobsen

Commissioning of the Absolute Luminosity For ATLAS detector at the LHC

 Kristian Gregersen Anomalous trilinear gauge couplings in ZZ production at the ATLAS experiment 2013
 Simon Heisterkamp R-Hadron Search at ATLAS 2012
 Peter Kadlecík A measurement of W+jet and Z+jet cross sections in the tau decay channel, and their ratio in the ATLAS experiment 2012
 Pavel Jez A search for super symmetric low mass Higgs
boson at the LHC with the ATLAS detector

Hans Hjersing Dalsgaard

Pseudorapidity Densities in p+p and Pb+Pb collisions at LHC measured with the ALICE experiment


Master Theses

Stefan Hasselgren Using machine learning for improving identification of electrons in the ATLAS experiment 2018
Bjarke Enkelund A study of the influence of atmospheric conditions on cosmic rays
Helle Gormsen Search for right-handed neutrinos with 79.8 fb-1 of data collected at sqrt(s)=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector 2018
Mikkel Jensen Environmentally induced neutrino decoherence in IceCube  2018
Troels Krogsbøll Development of Alternative Methods for Determining the Coefficients of the Azimuthal Distributions of Particles Produced in Heavy-Ion Collisions 2018
James Creswell Analysis of gravitational Waves from binary Black Hole Mergers 2018
Helene Ausar

Investigating Linear and Non-Linear flow modes in p-Pb collisions at sNN=5.02 TeV in ALICE  2018

Jack Christopher Hutchinson Rolph

Measurement of the total p-p cross section using the ALFA detector at √s = 13 TeV 2018

Sissel Bay Nielsen

Prospects of Sterile Neutrino Search with the FCC-ee 2017

Emil Sørensen Bols

Proton-Proton Central Exclusive Pion Production at √s = 13 TeV with the ALFA and ATLAS detector 2017

Henriette  Petersen

The search for right-handed neutrinos with the ATLAS experiment 2017

Nicolas Palm Perez

Electron Identification Using Machine Learning in the ATLAS Experiment with 2016 Data 2017

Alexander Pedersen Lind

A Study of Diffractive Scattering with the ATLAS and ALFA Experiment 2017

Erik Bærentsen

Acquiring Accurate State Estimates For Use In Autonomous Flight 2017

Mike Lauge

dE/dx Measurements in the ATLAS Decector 2017

Sara Buur Svendsen

A Search for Lepton Flavour Violation in Z → Til toppenπ μ decays at √ s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS Detector


Daniel Stefaniak Nielsen

An Alternative Analysis of the Semi-Leptonic Diboson Final States in  the Boosted Regime


Mikkel Bjørn

The W Boson in Global Fits
of Standard Model Effective Field Theory


Freja Thoresen

Wavelets & Information Theory for Pile-Up Removal


Hans Lindbo Røpke-Haarslev

Alanine Dosimetry using MV Photon Beams


Samuel Stokholm Baxter

The Search for Right Handed Neutrinos using the SHiP Experiment


Adam Mielke

Exact Zero Modes in Coupled Chirac Systems


Stavros Kitsios

Evaluation of the Muon Combinatorial Background at SHoP Experiment


Eva Brottmann Hansen

Early Atmospheric Muon Rejection with IceCube-PINGU


Emil André

On The Grassmannian Approach to Amplitudes


Christian Brønnum Hansen

Event-by-event discrimination using the Matrix Element Method at Next-to-Leading Order


Asta Heinesen

Scalar averaging in cosmology


Anders Hammer Holm

Starting Run 2 at the LHC – Statistical approaches to electron identification and detector alignment in ATLAS


Christopher Robert Jacobsen

Automated matrix-element re-weithting in effective fiels theories 2015

Kristoffer Levin Hansen

Search for new physics in diphoton production with the ATLAS detector at the LHC 2015

Christian Baadsgaard Jepsen

Amplitudes from sting theory and CHY formalism 2015

Andreas Søgaard

Boosted Bosons and Wavelets 2015

Jeppe Trøst Nielsen

Supernovae and cosmological probes 2015
Gorm Aske Krohn Galster

ATLAS Trigger: Preparation for Run II

Patryk Kuzek

Scattering Amplitudes: structural and analytical properties

Rasmus Westphal Rasmussen

Determination of the neutrino mixing angle theta_23 octant and differentiation among flavor symmetries

Jochen Heinrich

Reconstruction of boosted  W ±   and  ZO bosons from fat jets

Allan Finnich

An investigation in introducing Matlab and data analysis in introductory physics

Esben Bork Hansen

Unpaired Majorana Fermions in Disordered p-wave Supercunductor and Random Matrix Theory

Peter D. Pedersen

Large Nc QCD Lattice-Hyperspere correspondence and Chiral Condensate for Multi-Flavored QCD

Alexander Christensen QCD Lattice-Hypersphere Correspondence and Gradient
Flow in QCD
Christian Caeser Measurement of Hard Double-Parton Interactions in Z → ll + 2 jet Events with the ATLAS Detector at √s = 7 TeV 2013
Karina Schifter Holm

Measurement of Z bosons in p+Pb collisions at p sNN = 5.02 TeV with the ATLAS detector Corrections

Maria Hoffmann

Micromegas detectors for the upgrade of the ATLAS muon spectrometer

Christine O. Rasmussen

Next-to-leading order matrix element reweighting – a study on qq→zz→e+e-µ+µ-Addendum

Bastian Poulsen

CMB methods applied to flow data from ALICE

Mikkel Skaarup Study of diffractive pp interactions at the LHC using a tagged proton 2013
Simon Stark Mortensen Kinematic reconstruction of diffractive processes with tagged protons in the ALFA detector at √S=8TeV 2013
Morten Ankersen Medici Diffraction with ALFA and ATLAS at √S=8TeV 2013
Anders Møllgaard Complex Langevin Dynamis and the Sign Problem: A Study of Logarithmic Actions 2013
Christian Marboe Correlation Functions in N=1 Super Yang-Mills Theory from Holography 2013
 Bjørn Sørensen Measurement of the W-Boson Mass with the ATLAS Detector at LHC 2012
 Martin Spangenberg Calorimeter calibration and search for R-hadrons at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS experiment 2012
Mizio Spatafora Andersen Computation of Amplitudes using Tew Techniques 2012
Lars Egholm Pedersen Optimization of the Higgs sensitivity in the ZZ∗ → 4l channel using the 2011 datasample, collected by the ATLAS experiment at the LHC 2012
Alexander Karlberg Space-Cone Gauge and Scattering Amplitudes 2012
Christian Bierlich Limits on triple gauge boson couplings 2012
Christian Holm Christensen Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics with Quark Chemical Potential 2012
 Anne Mette Frejsel Morphological study of heavy ion collisions using CMB methods 2012
 Ingrid Deigaard Measurement of the Tau Polarization in Z → τ τ Decays with the ATLAS Detector 2012
 Song Chen Anomalous parity asymmetry of the CMB 2011
Jesper Roy Christiansen Strange particle production in the underlying event in pp-collisions at a center-of-mass energy of √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector 2011
 Alexander Hansen Pseudorapidity Dependence of Elliptic Flow in Pb+Pb
Collisions at √s_NN = 2.76 TeV with ALICE
 Christine Hartmann Neutrino masses and mixing 2011
 Morten Dam Jørgensen Search for long lived massive particles with the ATLAS
detector at the LHC
 Daniele Zanzi Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson
in the ATLAS Experiment
 Ask E. Jensen Dilepton final states with ATLAS at √s = 7 TeV 2011
 Morten Badensø Limits on Anomalous Triple Gauge Couplings
in W W Production with Semileptonic Final State
 Ursula Søndergaard A Trigger for long-lived coloured or charged exotics
for future luminosities in ATLAS
 Kristian A. Gregersen Limits on anomalous trilinear gauge couplings in Zγ production at √s = 7TeV and L = 300pb−1 in the ATLAS experiment 2010
 Sune Jakobsen Performance evaluation and optimization of the luminosity detector ALFA 2010