Recommended courses

Due to the cross-disciplinary nature of the Discovery center, it is not possible to give one list of recommended courses for students who wish to join the group. We encourage any student interested in our work to contact us directly but a starting point is given below:

Applied Statistics: From Data to Results X X X  
General Relativity and Cosmology X X X X
Elementary Particle Physics X X X X
Introduction to nuclear and particle physics X X
Particle Detectors and Accelerators X X    
Quantum field Theory 1 X     X
Modern methods for particle scattering X     X
Particle physics at the energy frontier X X    
Particle Physics and the Early Universe     X  
Advanced Methods in Applied Statistics       X
Particle Physics Phenomenology  X  X  X  


PhD courses

The Discovery Center plans and executes PhD courses each year, with participants both from the NBI and other countries. Read about previous and upcoming courses on the PhD course page

Bachelor projects

There are plenty of opportunities to do your bachelor project at the Discovery center. The ATLAS and ALICE groups maintain a list of projects for students who want to work with LHC data or study simulations of physics beyond the Standard Model. Likewise, the Planck team has plenty of opportunities for students to study cosmology simulations and compare them to data. For those with a more theoretical inclination who want to understand the underlying theories of fundamental physics the theory group is the place to go.

For more information contact the teaching committee.

Master projects

The staff of the Discovery center covers a wide variety of research areas. Feel free to contact a potential supervisor to discuss the possibilities. Previous theses can be found here: Theses .