5 August 2012

Danish Summer Students at CERN

Each year undergraduate students from all the CERN member states can apply to spend their summer at the lab in Switzerland and experience how to be a physicist, computer scientist or engineer in one of the most innovative environments on the plant.
This year CERN welcomed 279 summer students, of these 5 are from Denmark and 4 of them come from the Discovery Centre. The students will experience how to collaborate within CERN group on areas spanning from detector development to particle theory. Every day in July a special lecture program takes place where the students receives introductions to many of the facets of particle physics, taught by some of the best lecturers in the field.
The stay at CERN isn't just hard work, the area around CERN is famous for its mountains and hiking trips are common.
Perhaps the most important thing about being a summer student is the contacts and friendships founded during the months at CERN. Many who had the chance to become a CERN summer student have continued in the field for their whole career, others take the experience with them into other fields and help inspire collaboration and openness.