22 June 2012

Discovery Center Scientific Associate Subir Sarkar receives Niels Bohr Professorship

The Danish National Research Foundation has awarded Professor Subir Sarkar froim Oxford University a five-year distinguished Niels Bohr Professorship to start up a new group in astroparticle physics at the Niels Bohr International Academy.

Professor Subir Sarkar

Professor Subir Sarkar

With the position comes a grant of 29 million Kroner for this five-ywar period. Professor Sarkar is one of the founding fathers of the field of astroparticle physics, and he has produced ground-breaking work in the field. "My research is at the boundary between particle physics and astrophysics/cosmology", says Professor Sarkar. "My project is titled 'Connecting Inner Space & Outer Space'. There is a lot going on in these areas at the NBI, and I in particular look forward to engaging with both the experimentalists and the theorists working in this exciting field, in our joint quest to understand how the universe and all it contains was shaped by the fundamental laws of physics".

Professor Sarkar has been Scientific Associate at the Discovery Center since its start, as has his wife, Professor Amanda Cooper-Sarkar, who is an experimental particle physicist. Both have often visited the Discovery Center at scientific meetings and for collaboration purposes. With Professor Sarkar's new appointment the Discovery Center will use this new opportunity to also move towards research in astroparticle physics, including the interface between cosmology and particle physics.