20 August 2012

Christine Hartmann wins honorable price

Soon-to-be PhD-student at the Discovery Center, Christine Hartmann, has won this year's Kif-Price from the Danish Women in Physics Association for “Groundbreaking and independent research in neutrino oscillations”.

The Kif-Price is meant to give publicity to womens role in the progress of physics and to encourage young female physicists to stay in research. It is awarded for scientific originality or especially successful communication.

The phenomenon of neutrino mixing is the best established evidence of physics beyond the Standard Model, as it imply that neutrinos have mass. In her work, Christine has shown that a certain discrete group known as T13, can be made to reproduce a neutrino mixing-matrix in accordance with experiment, when imposed as a flavour symmetry of the neutrino sector.

The model was combined with the popular seesaw mechanism to impose enough constraints to predict the neutrino masses. These results can be tested with the neutrino-less double beta decay experiments in the foreseeable future.

The work was done in cooperation with Professor Antony Zee from UC Santa Barbara, and is published in the papers 1106.0333 and 1109.5143.