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News 2012

Discovery Center organizes Nordic PhD Winter School in Gausdal

22 November 2012

40 Nordic students will provide intense courses in neutrino physics, astroparticle physics, observational cosmology, Higgs physics and beyond the Standard Model Physics and theory of the quark-gluon plasma.

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The Discovery Center goes to Quark Matter

17 September 2012

Researchers from the Discovery Center present new results at the Quark Matter (QM) 2012 International Conference on heavy ion physics. The Discovery Center made its presence felt, with two parallel talks, a poster and

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First p-Pb collision with the LHC

13 September 2012

During a special test run, the LHC collided a beam of protons with a beam of lead-ions for the first time. On the night between September 12 and September 13, the CERN LHC collided heavy ions with protons for the first time.

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Mysterious haze seen by the Planck satellite

07 September 2012

ESA's Planck mission (in which also Discovery scientists are invovled) has detected a mysterious haze from the region around the galactic center. Several explanations have been proposed for this unusual radiation, including higher supernova rates, galactic winds or possibly the annihilation of dark-matter particles.

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Christine Hartmann wins honorable price

20 August 2012

Soon-to-be PhD-student at the Discovery Center, Christine Hartmann, has won this year's Kif-Price from the Danish Women in Physics Association for “Groundbreaking and independent research in neutrino oscillations”.

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Discovery PhD student hunts for magnetic monopoles

09 August 2012

Morten Dam Jørgensen from the Discovery Center has next to his work at the ATLAS Experiment been part of a search for Magnetic Monopoles. If just a single magnetic monopole exists somewhere in the universe, then all electric charge would be quantised.

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Danish Summer Students at CERN

05 August 2012

Each year undergraduate students from all the CERN member states can apply to spend their summer at the lab in Switzerland. This year CERN welcomed 279 summer students. 5 of these are from Denmark and 4 of them come from the Discovery Centre.

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Gennembrud - vi har fundet en Higgs partikel

04 July 2012

Discovery Centeret er med i sensationel opdagelse af en ny partikel. Konklusionen er klar – der er opdaget en ny partikel og den minder om den meget omtalte Higgs partikel. 

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Higgs press conference - Live transmission from CERN

02 July 2012

Wednesday July 4th the LHC experiments, ATLAS and CMS present their latest results in the hunt for the Higgs particle at a seminar at CERN. The CERN seminar is transmitted at the Niels Bohr Institute in Aud. A, Blegdamsvej.

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Discovery Center Scientific Associate Subir Sarkar receives Niels Bohr Professorship

22 June 2012

The Danish National Research Foundation has awarded Professor Subir Sarkar froim Oxford University a five-year distinguished Niels Bohr Professorship to start up a new group in astroparticle physics

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Amplitude Calculations Using Algebraic Geometry

05 June 2012

In a recent paper (ArXiv 1205.5707) Yang Zhang, a post-doc at the Discovery Center, has demonstrated a method to calculate multi-loop corrections to scattering amplitudes, using tools from the mathematical

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Exciting new collaboration

31 May 2012

The Planck team of the Discovery Center has startet a collaboration with Subir Sarkar (University of Oxford) and Phillip Mertsch (University of Stanford), concerning synchrotron emission and

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Remarkable extension of the Planck LFI instrument

28 May 2012

The Low Frequency Instrument (LFI) of the Planck satellite has recently been extended for 6 more months due to very good performance of the cooling system and scanning strategy.

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Discovery Center is host of major international conference

10 April 2012

During the week of April 10-13 close to one hundred international scientists gather at the Discovery Center's conference "Standard Model@LHC 2012".

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Researchers from Discovery in "Danskernes Akademi"

30 March 2012

Researchers from the Discovery Center contributes to "Danskernes Akademi" on DR2. CERN is the keyword in this televisison programme which was sent on March 28 and will be repeated on April 14 (in Danish).

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Rencontres de Moriond 2012 - Particle Physics Conference

15 March 2012

The purpose of the Rencontres de Moriond is to discuss recent findings and new ideas in physics in a pleasant, relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

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Highly succesful heavy-ion run

23 January 2012

The second heavy ion run with lead+lead collisions at E=2.76 TeV per nucleon pair took place in november -december 2011 at the LHC at CERN.

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