Master thesis defense by Kunal Gautam

Title: Flavour Identification Techniques

Development of algorithms for tagging of b- and c- quark for precise measurement of branching fractions of Higgs boson produced in electron-positron collisions 

Abstract: The thesis reports on the study and implementation of flavour identification algorithms to distinguish the hadronic decay channels of the Higgs boson. The study has been performed in an environment compatible with proposed future e+e− circular colliders like the Future Circular Collider (FCC).

The first algorithms presented is the Impact Parameter Algorithm. The other algorithm, inspired by the techniques presented in the LCFIPlus framework, developed for future e+e− linear colliders like the International Linear Collider (ILC), classifies events into four categories through secondary vertex reconstruction, with each category representing the majority of decay events to a certain hadronic flavour.