Discovery Colloquium by Tord Ekelöf – University of Copenhagen

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Discovery Colloquium by Tord Ekelöf

Speaker: Tord Ekelöf

Title: The proposed ESS neutrino Super Beam project ‘ESSnuSB’ and its physics case


Searching for a difference between neutrino and anti-neutrino oscillations may open the way towards new fundamental physics and an explanation of why the world is made of only matter and no anti-matter. To discover such a difference is needed the development of a very large neutrino detector and a neutrino beam of sufficiently high intensity to allow the measurement to be made at the second neutrino oscillation maximum where the CP-violation signal is 3 times higher than at than at the first maximum. The same detector will make possible investigations of cross-disciplinary phenomena like the energy generating processes in the Sun, the mechanism of Supernovae explosions and the radiogenic heating in the Earth's interior. The planned location of the neutrino detector, called GRIPnu, is in the Garpenberg mine ca 150 km north of Stockholm. The uniquely high-intensity ESS neutrino Super Beam will be generated using an upgraded ESS proton linac in Lund. Physicists from Sweden, France, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Switzerland and United Kingdom participate in the EU H2020-supported ESSnuSB Design Study which started with a kick-off meeting at the ESS site on 15 January 2018. This Design Study will result in a Conceptual Design Report to be delivered in 2021 on the ESSnuSB infrastructure and its physics performance.