Seminar by Rameez Mohamed

Title: Search for annihilating DM in the Sun with IceCube

Dark Matter particles can scatter off nuclei in the Sun, lose energy
and be gravitationally captured, where they may pair annihilate into
standard model particles, eventually producing neutrinos. Looking for
such an excess of GeV neutrinos from the direction of the Sun is the
most powerful probe of symmetric DM of GeV-TeV masses with spin
dependent DM-nucleon interactions. I will give an overview of such a
search using data from 3 years of operation of the completed
IceCube-DeepCore array.  While no excess was found, the resultant
constraint on the spin dependent DM-nucleon scattering cross section
is the most stringent for DM particles heavier than ~50 GeV, and
almost an order of magnitude lower w.r.t. previous searches due to
more data, better background rejection and a more sophisticated,
unbinned analysis method. We will explore the implications of these
constraints on WIMP and WIMP-like models of DM, in complementarity
with LHC searches, direct detection experiments and other indirect searches,
as well as the future of DM searches in neutrino telescopes.