Discovery seminar by Paolo Privitera – University of Copenhagen

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Discovery seminar by Paolo Privitera

The DAMIC experiment: searching for WIMPs and beyond with CCDs


The DAMIC experiment employs the bulk silicon of ~mm-thick
charge-coupled devices (CCDs) for direct detection of dark matter
particles. This novel technique features an unprecedentedly low
threshold for nuclear and electron recoils (down to a single electron
of charge), providing optimal sensitivity for low-mass dark matter
particles (< 10 GeV). In addition, the spatial resolution of the CCDs,
unique amongst dark matter detectors, results in powerful methods to
identify and mitigate environmental and cosmogenic backgrounds. I will
show recent results from DAMIC at SNOLAB and present plans for an
ambitious kg-size experiment based on the CCD technology which will
explore with unprecedented sensitivity WIMPs and dark sector candidates
over a broad mass range between 1 eV and 10 GeV.