Master thesis defense by Ahmad Zakria Gardizi – University of Copenhagen

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Master thesis defense by Ahmad Zakria Gardizi

The Alica Fast Interaction Trigger Detector

Abstract: This thesis describes the elliptic flow measurements with the upgraded T0 detector as a part of the Fast Interaction Trigger (FIT) of ALICE. To study the elliptic flow, a toy model of the upgraded T0-Plus detector is programmed and used to analyze the expected elliptic flow output. The programmed toy model detector consists of 20 microchannel plate photomultiplier (MCP) with radiator quartz, on both sides of the interaction point. The photon distribution is analyzed for the divided quartz cell of the MCP toy model, before studying the flow.
In this thesis, the theory of heavy ion physics is described with a particular focus on the flow phenomenon and the conventional methods for flow analysis. The analysis is performed with the simulated events from EPOS and HIJING. The purpose of the MCP toy model is to illustrate, how well the flow could be measured. Simulations for flow measurement is done as a function of centrality and pseudorapidity of the T0-Plus detector.