HET-Discovery seminar by Wouter Waalewijn – University of Copenhagen

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HET-Discovery seminar by Wouter Waalewijn

Title: Jets at the LHC, and transverse-momentum-dependent fragmentation in jets

I will discuss recent theoretical developments in the description of collisions at the LHC involving jets. The resulting new insights into the nature of jets and experimental ramifications will be described.
I then focus on the fragmentation of hadrons in jets and show that by measuring the transverse momentum of these hadrons with respect to a judiciously chosen axis (not the standard jet axis): 1) the measurement is insensitive to soft radiation 2) the effects of the jet boundary can be factorized when the transverse momentum is small. Potential applications include jet substructure for tagging boosted heavy resonances, and the study of medium modifications in heavy ion collisions.