HET-Discovery seminar by Yang-Ting Chien – University of Copenhagen

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HET-Discovery seminar by Yang-Ting Chien

Title: Soft-collinear mode for jet cross section in soft collinear effective theory
Abstract: With the high-energy run of the LHC now underway, and clear manifestations of beyond-Standard-Model physics not yet seen in data, the search for new physics at the LHC may be a quest for small deviations with big consequences. Therefore, precision will remain a key theme for particle physics research in the coming years. In this talk I will discuss the precise calculation of a basic but very important observable, the jet cross section, especially for jets with small radii. This demands the resummation of large logarithms, and I will discuss how we can resum these logarithms using soft collinear effective theory (SCET). It involves the introduction of a new soft-collinear mode and the refactorization of the soft sector in SCET. The idea can be applied in all exclusive cross section calculations and may have a large impact on the LHC phenomenology.