Master thesis defence by Samuel Stokholm Baxter – University of Copenhagen

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Master thesis defence by Samuel Stokholm Baxter

The Search for Right Handed Neutrinos using the SHiP Experiment

Neutrino oscillation and neutrino masses are established experimental observations, still unexplained by the Standard Model of particle physics.
The existence of additional, right handed neutrinos, which mix with the Standard Model neutrinos we know, provides an explanation.
To establish their existence, a new experiment at CERN, SHiP (Search for Hidden Particles) is being designed.
My work in this project is focused on studying the selection of signal and background in order to find ways to optimize the signal/background ratio.
I will explore cut based - and multivariate selection. I will also explore the possibility to use particle identification to improve the signal/background ratio for the experiment.
The sensitivity of the SHiP experiment will be estimated based on the cuts found with particle identification.