PhD defense by Anne Mette Frejsel

The thesis focuses on the large scale anomalies of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) and their possible origins. The investigations consist of two main parts.

Anne Mette Frejsel

The first part is on statistical tests of the CMB, and the consistency of both maps and power spectrum. We second that the Planck datas very consistent, while the WMAP 9 year release appears more contaminated by non-CMB residuals than the 7 year release. The second part is concerned with the anomalies of the CMB from two approaches. One is  based on an extended inflationary model as the origin of one specific large scale anomaly, namely point-parity asymmetry. Here we find that a modified urvaton model can reproduce an asymmetric behavior of the power spectrum at low multipoles.

The other approach is to uncover whether some of the large scale anomalies could have a common origin in residual contamination from peculiar regions in our Galaxy. Here we find indication that the Planck CMB maps contain residual radiation in specific areas, which we can link to three of the large scale CMB anomalies: the point-parity asymmetry, the alignment of quadrupole and octupole and the dipole modulation.