Master thesis defense by Gorm Galster

ATLAS Trigger: Preparations for Run II

Between Run I and Run II of the LHC run schedule, ATLAS received a number of upgrades to optimise the physics output for the new run.
Amongst these are the upgrade of the CTP, the complete redesign of the HLT as well as installation and integration of L1Topo.
The CTP upgrade has required development of new electronics boards as well as software for controlling the upgraded CTP system. Development of one of these boards was carried out by The Niels Bohr Institute and the subsequent test, installation and commissioning was carried out at CERN.
A data preservation study has been carried out to determine a strategy for preserving knowledge of the trigger and its configuration. This is important for the continued usability of recorded data. The proposed strategy requires minimal changes to the existing infrastructure and its feasibility was demonstrated using a proof of concept setup. The strategy has since been adopted by ATLAS.