Discovery-HET Seminar: Yun Jiang (NBI)

Speaker: Yun Jiang (NBI)

Title: Exotic (dark) Higgs bosons


One often considers the decoupling limit in which the lightest scalar is the SM-like Higgs boson discovered at the LHC and others are very heavy. However, such a SM-like scalar Higgs boson can also be obtained in the alignment limit without the masses of other Higgs being large. 
In this talk I will address the seemingly extreme case in which there is a pseudoscalar (A) light enough that the SM-like state (h) can decay into AA. Such light Higgs states are phenomenologically viable and can lead to interesting signatures. Part of the relevant parameter space has been probed with the LHC Run 1 data. 
With protection by an extra Z2 symmetry, non-SM Higgs boson could be a possible DM candidate. Intriguingly, the dark matter interaction with nucleons via two Higgs portals could violate isospin symmetry and thus lead to a suppressed cross section below the present LUX limits.