Cancelled - Discovery seminar - speaker Paolo Privitera

Title: WIMPs taking selfies: the DAMIC experiment at SNOLAB

The DAMIC (Dark MAtter In CCDs) experiment employs the bulk silicon of
~mm-thick charge-coupled devices (CCDs) to detect coherent elastic
scattering of Weakly-Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) - putative
yet-to-be-discovered particles which may explain the dark matter in the
universe. This novel technique features an unprecedentedly low energy
threshold (few tens of eV) for the detection of nuclear recoils, providing
optimal sensitivity for low mass WIMPs (< 20 GeV). In addition, the
spatial resolution of the CCDs, unique amongst dark matter detectors,
provides powerful methods to identify and mitigate environmental and
cosmogenic backgrounds. I will describe the DAMIC experiment, the
performances of the CCDs installed at the SNOLAB underground laboratory,
and the progress in the measurement and suppression of radioactive
backgrounds. I will also show a preliminary analysis of data taken during
the DAMIC R&D phase which demonstrates the potential of the CCD technology
for WIMP detectors.