HET Seminar: George Savvidy (Demokritos National Research Centre) – University of Copenhagen

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HET Seminar: George Savvidy (Demokritos National Research Centre)

Speaker: George Savvidy (Demokritos National Research Centre)

Title: Asymptotic freedom of non-Abelian tensor gauge fields. Proton structure and tensor gluons

Abstract: We consider the possibility that inside the proton and, more generally, inside the hadrons there are additional partons tensor-gluons that can carry part of the proton momentum. The tensor-gluons have zero electric charge, like gluons, but have a larger spin. Inside the proton, the nonzero density of the tensor-gluons can be generated by the emission of tensor-gluons by gluons. The process of gluon splitting suggests that part of the proton momentum that was carried by neutral partons is shared between vector and tensor gluons. 

We derive DGLAP evolution equations for the parton distribution functions that take into account these new processes. The momentum sum rule allows us to find the tensor-gluon contribution to the Callan–Simanzik beta function and to calculate the corresponding anomalous dimensions. The contribution is negative and corresponds to the asymptotically free theory. This also influences the unification scale at which the coupling constants of the standard model merge, shifting its value to lower energies of the order of 40 TeV.