Discovery-HET Seminar: Lorenzo Magnea (INFN) – University of Copenhagen

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Discovery-HET Seminar: Lorenzo Magnea (INFN)

Speaker: Lorenzo Magnea (INFN)

Title: The infrared structure of gauge amplitudes and the high-energy limit'

Abstract: I will review recent progress in our understanding of the infrared
structure of multi-particle gauge theory amplitudes, paying special
attention to the high-energy (`Regge') limit. For massless gauge theories,
the multi-particle soft anomalous dimension is known to have a remarkably
simple, dipole-like form up to very high orders in perturbation theory,
and subleading multipole corrections are currently a subject of intense
studies. In the high-energy limit, the dipole formula leads to a simple
factorized expression for the amplitude, which automatically implies
Reggeization of singular contributions to t-channel exchanges. Furthermore,
one can study the breakdown of Regge-pole factorization at high energy,
starting at NNLL, and provide explicit expressions for the leading
Regge-cut contributions to high-energy logarithms.