HET Colloquium: Timothy Hollowood – University of Copenhagen

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HET Colloquium: Timothy Hollowood

Speaker: Timothy Hollowood (Swansea University)

Title: Schrodinger's Cat: Wanted Dead or Alive


I will explain how it is possible to assemble a consistent interpretation of quantum mechanics in a way that has no funny stuff (no brains, no minds, no parallel worlds) but at the same time reproduces the familiar phenomenology of the Copenhagen interpretation for macro-systems. At the same time the Schrodinger equation holds without modification.
The intuition needed comes from the notion of effective theory in QFT but the ideas and formalism are very simple. I show how the measurement problem is solved and discuss the EPR thought experiment in some detail. If time permits I will explain how the new interpretation has something interesting to say about the black hole firewall puzzle.