Discovery - HET Seminar: Rajamani Narayanan (FIU) – University of Copenhagen

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Discovery - HET Seminar: Rajamani Narayanan (FIU)

Speaker: Rajamani Narayanan (Florida International University)

Title: Phase structure of two-dimensional QED at zero temperature with flavor-dependent chemical potentials and the role of multidimensional theta functions

Abstract: We consider QED on a two-dimensional Euclidean torus with f flavors of massless fermions and flavor-dependent chemical potentials. The dependence of the partition function on the chemical potentials is reduced to a (2f-2)-dimensional theta function. At zero temperature, the system can exist in an infinite number of phases characterized by certain values of traceless number densities and separated by first-order phase transitions. Furthermore, there exist many points in the (f-1)-dimensional space of traceless chemical potentials where two or three phases can coexist for f=3 and two, three, four or six phases can coexist for f=4. We conjecture that the maximal number of coexisting phases grows exponentially with increasing f.