Master thesis defense by Morten Ankersen Medici – University of Copenhagen

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Master thesis defense by Morten Ankersen Medici

Diffraction with ALFA and ATLAS at  √s=8TeV

Abstract: In this thesis an investigation into diffractive scattering of high energy protons will be presented, describing the experimental possibilities of ALFA, motivating the use of it for studies of diffractive processes.

A thorough study of the trigger system of ALFA is performed, as well as a data driven investigation of the tracking of single diffractive scattered protons in ALFA.
This serves as part of the initial steps for understanding the detector, in order to use the data produced by ALFA more confidently.

The Minimum Bias Analysis at $\sqrt{s}=8$ TeV in ATLAS is described, with emphasis on the author's contribution, as an introduction to the work done on soft processes.
The charged track multiplicities discussed in minimum bias events shall serve as the reference for the initial studies on the general properties of single diffractive events considered at $\sqrt{s}=8$ TeV.

Steps are also taken towards determining the single diffractive cross section, investigating the difficulties which arise in such an analysis.