Discovery-HET Seminar: Matti Jarvinen – University of Copenhagen

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Discovery-HET Seminar: Matti Jarvinen

Speaker: Matti Jarvinen

Title: Holographic models for QCD in the Veneziano limit

Abstract: I discuss holographic bottom-up models for QCD in the Veneziano limit (large N_f and N_c with fixed x=N_f/N_c). I will start by giving and introduction to the topic and by reviewing earlier work. Then I will go on discussing a specific class of models, named V-QCD. The models are constructed by putting together holographic models of Yang-Mills theory (improved holographic QCD) with Sen-type tachyon actions inspired by brane constructions, and by considering full backreaction. The resulting phase diagrams and mass spectra meet expectations from QCD at qualitative level.