Discovery-HET Seminar: Jacopo Ghiglieri – University of Copenhagen

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Discovery-HET Seminar: Jacopo Ghiglieri

Speaker: Jacopo Ghiglieri (McGill)

Title: Higher-order calculations of hard probes in the quark-gluon plasma

Abstract: At sufficiently high temperatures and vanishing chemical potential QCD exhibits a crossover to a deconfined phase, the quark-gluon plasma, which is probed in heavy-ion collision experiments. Hard probes, i.e. highly energetic, off-equilibrium particles (photons, dileptons, jets), are of particular relevance in this investigation. In my talk I will discuss in detail the calculation of the thermal photon rate, which has recently been completed to next-to-leading order.  I will show how Euclidean and sum rule techniques can be introduced and how this advancement renders the calculation simpler than expected. Finally, I will show how similar techniques can be applied to deal with highly energetic partons and jets.