Discovery seminar - speaker Matthias Danninger – University of Copenhagen

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Discovery seminar - speaker Matthias Danninger

Searches for dark matter with neutrinos - Latest IceCube limits in the context of LHC results

Abstract: Dark matter gravitationally concentrated at the center of the Sun can self-annihilate and produce Standard Model particles, including neutrinos. Large neutrino telescopes can be used to search for such high-energy neutrinos from the Sun and thus constrain  dark matter properties. I will present the results of such a search with IceCube neutrino detector at the South Pole, and using, for the first time, its densely instrumented DeepCore subarray. DeepCore has been optimised for efficient detection of low energy neutrino-induced muons and cascades, and has sensitivity down to ~10-20 GeV, a promising region for dark matter candidates. These results are the most stringent limits on the spin-dependent WIMP-proton cross-section to date. I will also discuss the complementarity of this indirect search with direct detection experiments and searches for supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider.