Discovery - HET Seminar: Alessandro Codello (SISSA) – University of Copenhagen

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Discovery - HET Seminar: Alessandro Codello (SISSA)

Speaker: Alessandro Codello (SISSA)

Title: Fluctuating (Fluid) Membranes

Abstract: Fluid membranes are d-dimensional re-parametrization invariant hyper-surfaces embedded in a D-dimensional target space. When d=2 and D=3, they are used as a model for real physical systems in biophysics and in soft-condensed matter. Recently, they have been used to model generalized Galileon theories; in this case D=d+1.
After introducing functional Renormalization Group methods, I'll show how these can be applied to fluctuating membranes to obtain their phase diagram for general values of d and D.
Finally I'll propose a possible connection between fluctuating membranes (where both extrinsic and intrinsic curvatures are present) and quantum gravity (where only intrinsic curvature is present).