Discovery Colloquium – University of Copenhagen

Discovery Colloquium

Speaker: Graham Ross (Oxford University)
Title: Whither SUSY?

Abstract: To date the LHC has not  found  evidence for the existence of the new  states that  are  predicted to  exist if  supersymmetry (SUSY) provides a solution to the hierarchy problem.

Moreover the mass of the candidate Higgs scalar state lies above the preferred range of the simplest SUSY theory (MSSM).However SUSY must be broken and the non-observation of  SUSY states may indicate that there are strong correlations between the soft SUSY breaking terms that must be added to the theory. Theoretically-­well-motivated correlations can lead to a significant increase in the expected mass of  the SUSY states  without requiring significant fine-­tuning. The Higgs mass can also be raised in extensions of the MSSM.  I will discuss the structure of these extensions and prospect for testing them at the LHC,  both in the supersymmetric and Higgs scalar sectors, and in dark matter searches. Finally I will discuss the implications  of a Higgs scalar mass of 125 GeV.