Joined Theoretical High Energy and Discovery Seminar – University of Copenhagen

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Joined Theoretical High Energy and Discovery Seminar

Speaker: Parameswaran Nair

Title: Fluids, Anomalies and the Chiral Magnetic Effect

Abstract: It is possible to formulate fluid dynamics in terms of group-valued variables. This is particularly suited to the cases where the fluid has nonabelian charges and is coupled to nonabelian gauge fields (nonabelian magnetohydrodynamics).  I will discuss this formulation for a  fluid of relativistic particles (with and without spin)  in terms of the Lorentz and Poincare (or de Sitter) groups. Considering the case of particles with flavor symmetries, the general fluid action which also incorporates all flavor anomalies is given. The chiral magnetic and chiral vorticity effects emerge as simple consequences of this action.