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Joined Theoretical High Energy and Discovery Seminar

Speaker: Gabriele Travaglini

Title: Two-loop form factors in N=4 super Yang-Mills and QCD

Abstract: I will review a recent calculation of a three-point supersymmetric
form factor of a 1/2 BPS operator in N=4 super Yang-Mills. We will
perform the calculation in two different ways, namely using
generalised unitarity, and with symbols. The result for this super
form factor is a very compact expression written in terms of classical
polylogarithms only.
We will then discuss two surprising equivalences: firstly, our N=4
form factor is equal to the maximally transcendental part of the Higgs
+ 3-gluon amplitudes in (non-supersymmetric) QCD; and secondly, it is
equal to a well-defined part of the remainder function for the 6-point
  MHV scattering amplitude in N=4 super Yang-Mills.