Mid-term M.Sc. Colloquium – University of Copenhagen

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Mid-term M.Sc. Colloquium

Speaker: Christian Holm Christensen (NBI)

Title: Effects of Space Charge on the Mass Purification in Penning Traps

Abstract:  Penning traps have proven quite a useful tool at many ion-beam facilities across the world. One such place is ISOLTRAP, where they're used for both the purification of isobaric bunches of ions and subsequent high-precision mass measurements of short-lived radionuclides. However, due to the rarity of some isotopes, it is of interest to understand how large numbers of ions behave within the trap. The presentation will thus be two-fold; the first part will be on the basics of Penning traps and mass spectrometry as performed at ISOLTRAP, whereas the second part will be about the data I got while investigating space charge effects as a CERN summer student in 2009.