The Director of the center is Peter H. Hansen who is assisted by a an administrative secretary, Anette Møller-Uhl. Budget matters are handled by Aida Coric. The planning of scientific activities is the responsibility of the executive board:

Peter H. Hansen. Director of the center  and Head of the ATLAS group 
Jens Jørgen Gaardhøje. Head of the ALICE group
Pavel Naselsky. Head of the PLANCK group
Mogens Dam. ATLAS group representative
Stefani Xella, ATLAS group representative
Jason Koskinen, IceCube representative
Emil Bjerum-Bohr, Theory group representative


Advisory committee

The center leader and the executive board are advised on scientific issues by a distinquished scientific advisory committee.

Chris Quigg, Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory
Jürgen Schukraft, CERN
Nick Ellis, CERN
Andrei Linde, Stanford University

Formal framework agreements

The centers experimental activities are organized within the framework of the international collaborations running the LHC detectors, ATLAS and ALICE, and some of the theoretical activities within the satellite project PLANCK. This implies duties and benefits:

Participants in the ATLAS and ALICE experiments are required to spend half of their research time on technical work (such as shifts in the control room). Professors and Post Docs are furthermore required to pay about 80kkr each per year to Maintenance & Operations. The rest of their time must be spent on either physics analysis for publications or on upgrade plans. In return they are authors and enjoy access to data and services from the experiment.

• Participants in the PLANCK mission have access to PLANCK data a year before they are published. The Danish participants have furthermore a formal collaboration agreement with Cardiff University in the UK and an agreement about supercomputer access with the Southern Federal University of Russia.

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