The managing board 

To steer the many different activities at the Discovery Center a local Managing Board of Poul Henrik Damgaard, Jens Jørgen Gaardhøje, Peter Hansen and Pavel Naselsky was established. 

In 2012 the board was expanded and Associate Professor Mogens Dam is now a member of the local Managing Board. In January 2014 Associate Professor Stefania Xella joined the board and in October 2014 Jason Koskinen became a member of the board. In January 2016 Poul Henrik Damgaard decided to step down from the board and leave the post to his younger colleague Emil Bjerrum-Bohr.
Anette Uhl is secretary of the board.

This Board holds bi-weekly meetings where all major decisions are discussed, and where strategies for research directions are considered in relation to the manpower allocated.

Topics that are also decided at the Board include the allocation of computer resources, the planning of courses for students, strategic research initiatives on the basis of input from the Research Committee, decisions on post-doctoral hirings, workshop and conference organization and many other practical matters of importance. There are only very few Centers around the world that bridge topics ranging from the early Universe to physics of the shortest distances ever measured.

At the Discovery Center we manage the coordination of simultaneously obtaining data from two running experiments at CERN and data from the Planck satellite. The Managing Board serves as the vehicle with which we link these diverse efforts.