Seminar by Laurentiu Rodina – University of Copenhagen

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Seminar by Laurentiu Rodina

Speaker: Laurentiu Rodina

Title:  The Unique S-matrix


I will explore the interplay between six basic principles of scattering amplitudes: gauge invariance, the Adler zero, BCFW scaling, soft theorems, locality, and unitarity. Surprisingly, various combinations of these conditions lead to unique solutions: the tree level scattering amplitudes of either Yang-Mills, gravity, the non-linear sigma model, or the Dirac-Born-Infeld model.
Two conceptually interesting facts follow from this uniqueness:
1) Locality and unitarity can be derived from either gauge invariance, the Adler zero, BCFW shifts, or soft theorems. 
2) Soft particles carry all the information contained in a scattering amplitude.