Seminar by Kohta Murase – University of Copenhagen

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Seminar by Kohta Murase

High-Energy Cosmic Particle Mysteries: Unification or Conspiracy?

Abstract: New frontiers of particle astrophysics have been
opened by IceCube's discovery of high-energy cosmic neutrinos. Their origin is
a new mystery in the field, and solving this problem may enable us not only to
understand the physics of astrophysical sources but also to obtain important
clues about old mystery, the origin of cosmic rays, and to utilize neutrinos as
probes of neutrino properties, dark matter, and fundamental physics. In this
talk, I will review basic ideas on the origin of high-energy cosmic neutrinos.
I will first discuss cosmic-ray "reservoir" models, which predicted
fluxes and spectra consistent with the IceCube data, and emphasize the
grand-unified model we recently proposed. On the other hand, I will argue that
they cannot explain the data below 100 TeV, and suggest hidden cosmic-ray