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Previous Discovery Events in 2017

PhD defense by Morten Ankersen Medici

19 January 2017 kl. 14.00

Search for Dark Matter Annihilation in the Galactic Halo using IceCube Read more

Master thesis defense by Sara Buur Svendsen

20 January 2017 kl. 10:30

A Sesarch for Lepton Flavour Violation in Z → τ μ decays at  √ s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS Decector Read more

Master thesis defense by Sebastian von Hausegger

01 February 2017 kl. 12:15

Title: Steps towards a clear view on the Cosmic Microwave Background
Abstract: The Cosmic Microwave Background is one of the strongest probes of the cosmological his- tory of our Universe. Several experiments from ground as well as from space continue to perform measurements of the CMB with increasing sensitivity. As the detected signal contains microwave emission from our Galaxy as well, the careful separation of the foreground from the background is a delicate act. Approaching the subject from different perspectives, we argue that the...
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Seminar by Tilman Plehn

02 February 2017 kl. 14:15

Title: Higgs physics at the LHC Read more

Seminar by Rameez Mohamed

13 February 2017 kl. 14:15

Search for annihilating DM in the Sun with IceCube Read more

PhD defense by Simon Holm Stark

24 February 2017 kl. 14:00

Study of forward elastic pp scattering at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV with the ALFA detector. Read more

Seminar by Martin Lemoine

06 March 2017 kl. 14:15

Shock waves in the very high energy Universe Read more

Seminar by Anne Green

13 March 2017 kl. 14:15

Title: Probing the astrophysics and particle physics of WIMPs with direct detection experiments Read more

Seminar by Marco Cirelli

20 March 2017 kl. 14:15

Title: TBA Read more

Discovery seminar, speaker Peter Christiansen

24 March 2017 kl. 11:15

Quark Gluon Plasma: selected LHC results Read more

Master thesis defence by Erik Bærentsen

21 April 2017 kl. 14:15

Acquiring Accurate State Etimates For Use In Autonomous Flight Read more

HET-Discovery seminar by Daniel Figueroa

11 May 2017 kl. 14:15

Higgs Cosmology: implications of the Higgs for the early Universe Read more

Discovery Retreat

16 May 2017 kl. 08:30

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Seminar by Nicolas Menicucci

17 May 2017 kl. 14:00

Title: Gigantic quantum computers made of laser light Read more

Discovery seminar by Paolo Privitera

06 June 2017 kl. 11:15

The DAMIC experiment: searching for WIMPs and beyond with CCDs


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Seminar Erik Gauger

07 June 2017 kl. 11:15

Design principles for quantum-enhanced photocells inspired by biological systems  Read more

Seminar by Kohta Murase

11 June 2017 kl. 14:15

High-Energy Cosmic Particle Mysteries: Unification or Conspiracy? Read more

HET-Discovery Seminar by Pavel Fileviez Perez

20 June 2017 kl. 14:15

Title: New Physics: B and L Doorways

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Master thesis defense by Mike Lauge

23 June 2017 kl. 13:15

Title: dE / dx Measurements in the ATLAS Detector Read more

Seminar by Ehsan Hatefi

27 June 2017 kl. 14:15

On D-brane/ D-brane-Anti-D-​brane  Effective Actions of String theory and their all order alpha-prime corrections Read more

Seminar by Simon Caron-Huot

04 July 2017 kl. 14:15

Title: Bulk locality from the conformal bootstrap Read more

Seminar by Poonam Mehta

13 July 2017 kl. 14:15

Title: Impact of new physics on leptonic CP violation signal at long baselines Read more

Master thesis defense by Alexander Pedersen Lind

14 July 2017 kl. 14:00

Title: A Study of Diffractive Scattering with the ATLAS and ALFA Experiment Read more

Seminar by Jorge Alfaro

18 July 2017 kl. 14:15

Title: Electroweak standard model with very special relativity Read more

Discovery colloquium by Laura Baudis

27 July 2017 kl. 14:15

Illuminating the dark: direct searches for cold dark matter in the Milky Way Read more

PhD defense by Jeppe Trøst Nielsen

08 August 2017 kl. 15:30

Title: Testing Cosmological Models Read more

Seminar by Peter Coles

10 August 2017 kl. 14:15

Wave Mechanics and Cosmic Structure Read more