Master thesis defence by Carl-Johan Frost Lerche – University of Copenhagen

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Master thesis defence by Carl-Johan Frost Lerche

Neutronics evaluation of the ITER CTS diagnostic system

A simplified MCNP6 model of the ITER Collective Thomson Scattering (CTS) diagnostic system is developed and presented in this study. Post development, the simpli?ed model is used to give an estimate of the CTS mirror heat load and provide an evaluation of whether B4C shielding is necessary for shutdown dose rate reduction. The main task for the simplifi?ed design is to simulate consistent and reliable results concerning both the neutron flux rates and the gamma-radiation 10 days after reactor shutdown.

The process was initiated by the simplifi?cation of a highly detailed MCNP6 model utilising more than 54,000 unique cells in order to describe the ITER torus geometry. Using approximations and limiting the algorithm's number of described structures, resulted in a final model using just around 490 cells. The considerable reduction in cells decreased computation times immensely, making it possible to use as an initial analysis tool before implementation of an approved design into the highly detailed model.