Discovery-HET Seminar: Jacob Sonnenschein – University of Copenhagen

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Discovery-HET Seminar: Jacob Sonnenschein

Speaker:  Jacob Sonnenschein (Tel Aviv University)

Title: Holographic Stringy Hadrons

I will briefly review the stringy holographic calculation of Wilson lines and the sufficient conditions for confining ones. I will show that these are also the conditions to have a Regge-like holographic stringy mesons. I will show that classically the latter can be mapped into rotating strings in flat space-time with massive endpoints. I will determine the massive modification of the Classical Regge trajectories. The issues associated with the quantization of such strings will be briefly reviewed. I will present fits of the modified trajectories to the experimental data of mesons starting from $\rho$ and $w$ mesons and all the way to $b\bar b$ mesons. The best fit values of the string tension, the intercept and the string endpoint masses will be presented. I will present the computation of the decay width of the holographic stringy mesons and their relation to the CNN and Lund models. I will describe the holographic stringy baryons including the location of the baryonic vertex and possible structures of such baryons. The stability of Y shape baryons will be discussed. Fits of holographic Regge trajectories to Nucleons and other baryons will be described. I will present arguments in favor of the picture of a single string with quark on one hand and a baryonic vertex and a di-quark in the other hand.