Discovery - HET Seminar: David Skinner – University of Copenhagen

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Discovery - HET Seminar: David Skinner

Speaker: David Skinner (Cambridge)

Title: Twistor Strings for N=8 Supergravity

Abstract: I'll explain a new way of looking at 4d supergravity --- as a theory of holomorphic maps into Penrose's twistor space. Allowing twistor space to have N fermionic directions, the theory is anomaly free when N=8. Via the Penrose transform, the vertex operators correspond to an N=8 Einstein supergravity multiplet. Conformal symmetry is explicitly broken by the presence of the infinity twistor in the BRST operator. The complete classical S-matrix is recovered from worldsheet correlation functions and interpreted geometrically. Time permitting, I will explain what I know of the model at higher genus.