Master thesis Defense by Bastian Poulsen – University of Copenhagen

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Master thesis Defense by Bastian Poulsen

Title: CMB methods applied to flow data from ALICE

Abstract: This thesis is concerned with the analysis of anisotropic flow. Conventional methods in flow analysis has estimated the flow as an average over many events. In this thesis I will present a method based on the methods used for the study of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) which may allow for an event-by-event anisotropic flow determination.

In the thesis the basic theory of heavy ion high energy physics is touched with a special focus on the flow phenomenon and the conventional methods for flow analysis. A brief description of the ALICE detector is given. The theory behind the CMB method is presented as well as the mathematical foundation for this method.

Most of the analysis is performed on simulated events, and in this case the analysis reveals that the method with a high degree of precision is able to recalculate the flow and symmetry plane of up to the eighth order of the flow. The very last part of the thesis is concerned with analysis on real events from the Time Projection Champer (TPC) in ALICE.