Discovery-HET Seminar: Chad Finley – University of Copenhagen

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Discovery-HET Seminar: Chad Finley

Speaker: Chad Finley (Stockholm)

Title: Evidence for High Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos Seen by IceCube

Abstract: The IceCube Neutrino Observatory, built deep within the glacial ice at the South Pole, Antarctica, became fully operational in 2011. This unique instrument allows the study of a wide range of phenomena, from dark matter searches to neutrino oscillations to cosmic ray physics.  Analyses using the first year of data from the completed detector have revealed strong evidence of high energy neutrinos reaching Earth from distant space.  Among these are the two highest energy neutrinos ever observed.  Making a definitive measurement of this extraterrestrial flux will be a major advance toward the century-old goal of identifying and studying the origins of high energy cosmic rays. In this talk, I will review recent highlights, and discuss the latest results and their analysis, which have also turned conventional thinking about neutrino telescopes upside down.