Discovery - HET Seminar: Johannes Broedel (ETH Zurich) – University of Copenhagen

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Discovery - HET Seminar: Johannes Broedel (ETH Zurich)

Speaker: Johannes Broedel (ETH Zurich)

Title: Polylogarithms, Multiple Zeta Values, Worldsheet Integrals and the Drinfeld Associator

Abstract: Open-string tree-level amplitudes have been calculated from worldsheet integrals using a variety of techniques during the last decades.

I am going to discuss, how polylogarithms can be employed to formalize the calculation, which in turn allows to calculate those amplitudes for any multiplicity and to any order in the inverse string tension.

Starting from these results, I will describe an S-matrix shortcut: employing algebraic methods utilizing the Drinfeld associator, all tree-level open-string amplitudes can be obtained recursively without solving a single worldsheet integral.