Joined Theoretical High Energy and Discovery Seminar – University of Copenhagen

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Joined Theoretical High Energy and Discovery Seminar

Speaker: Rob Schabinger

Title: On The Generation Of Unitarity-Compatible Integral Bases

Abstract: For modern generalized unitarity-based approaches to two-loop calculations it is convenient to have a basis of two-loop basis integrals with well-defined unitarity cuts in all channels. Recently, Gluza, Kajda, and Kosower argued that, to obtain such a basis, it is advantageous to reformulate the conventional integration by parts reduction procedure. To this end, they showed that one can generate complete sets of integration by parts relations which, by construction, are manifestly compatible with unitarity. The algorithm used in their work to generate the unitarity compatible integration by parts relations, while interesting, has the downside that it makes intensive use of Groebner bases. As a consequence, their algorithm is not conceptually straightforward and, moreover, it is well-known that Groebner bases are notoriously difficult to compute. In this talk, I explain how one can generate unitarity-compatible integration by parts relations in a much simpler manner. The proposed method is based on recent results in the mathematical literature and can be described solely in terms of linear algebra.