Mid-term MSc Colloquium – University of Copenhagen

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Mid-term MSc Colloquium

Speaker: Christine Hartmann (NBIA and Discovery Center)

Title: Recent controversies in neutrino physics

Abstract: Neutrino oscillations have been observed and accounted for, thus leading to the discovery of neutrinos masses. Solar and atmospheric experiments have agreed upon two mass squared differences between the three flavored  neutrinos, the usual cousins of the three charged leptons, the electron, muon and tau. To account for the newly accepted neutrino masses, extended versions of the Standard Model have been proposed. Meanwhile, controversies have shown up alongside, with the LSND experiment claiming in 1998 to have measured a third independent mass squared difference. If the LSND results were right, this would require even further extensions of the Standard Model, such as the inclusion of sterile neutrinos, perhaps even CPT violation, higher dimensions and so forth. The LSND experiment has mostly been disregarded and even ignored to date. In 2003 the MiniBooNE experiment was set up to confirm or disprove LSND. These more recent data have been analysed carefully. The question now is: Can we still disregard the LSND discrepancy?