DISCOVERY-HET-Seminar – University of Copenhagen


Speaker: Lance Dixon, SLAC
Title: "Electroweak Vector Boson Production in Association with Jets at the LHC"

Abstract: The production of W and Z bosons in association with multiple jets at hadron colliders probes important aspects of QCD dynamics, and forms an important class of backgrounds to new physics searches.  With the increase in energy from the Tevatron to the LHC, new kinematic regions open up, in which weak bosons can be energetically subdominant to the jets. Because the LHC is a pp machine, W bosons are produced primarily left-handed, even at large transverse momentum, which strongly impacts their decays to leptons. Recently the production rates for W bosons with up to four additional jets, and Z bosons with up to three jets, have been computed at next-to-leading-order in QCD, allowing more precise theoretical predictions of these processes to confront the initial LHC data.