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Heavy Ions: Experiments Confront Theory

With the wealth of data streaming out of the LHC at a phenomenal√sNN=2.76 TeV, and the ongoing lower energy scan at RHIC it is interesting to pause for a moment and confront the experiments with the theory — and, vice versa.

In this workshop, hosted by the Discovery Center, we will try to shed some light recent results from the experiments through both theory and experiments.

Additional info: Note that the workshop will end with the Ph.D. thesis defence by Hans Hjersing Dalsgaard.

Read more and stay updated at: https://indico.nbi.ku.dk/conferenceDisplay.py?ovw=True&confId=381

 Invited speakers:

Edward Shuryak Stony Brook
Jan Fiete Grosse-Oetringhaus CERN
Raju Venugopalan Brookhaven National Lab
Raimond Snellings Utrecht University
Rob Pisarski Brookhaven National Lab
Stefan Floerchinger CERN
Urs Wiedemann CERN
Wolfgang Kuehn University of Giessen
Jamie Nagle University of Colorado at Boulder